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Version 1.4.10: 12 February 2016


  • Change default vault URLs to and These are load balancers, so only need two of them. The third vault URL no longer used.

  • TLSv1.2 support.

  • AKMP™ port setting now has explicit section.

  • Remote PaymentVault™ is the only supported back end.

  • Removed the allowed_hosts. The PaymentVault™ service only accepts transactions from (localhost).

  • Removed host-ip configuration setting. Now only listens to (localhost).

  • Remove code for legacy FirebirdSQL and Oracle backends.

  • Remove database configuration values.

  • Remove daily maintenance (only needed for local back-end database storage).

  • Remove serial number configuration.

  • Forwards serial number from upgraded CN!Express and Trevance installations. Improves customer support.

  • Warning logged during startup if the test page is still active.

  • Modify start-up sequence to log errors if initial AKMP connection fails.


  • Executable name changed to PaymentVault.exe

  • Single binary.

  • Uses NSSM service manager for Windows service.

  • Improve mutex checking on start-up to ensure only one copy is running.


  • 64-bit RHEL 6 or 7 executable.

  • Executable name changed to paymentvault

  • Single binary — uses OS to daemonize.