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This repository contains Auric Systems International’s sunset payment applications.
Contact with any questions regarding this software.

Information about Auric’s AuricVault® tokenization and payments service is available at

Sunset FAQ

  1. What does this sunset announcement mean?

    This announcement means Auric is not planning any future general Trevance® or CN!Express® releases. Auric Systems International shall provide on-going technical support for Trevance® and CN!Express® until June 2019. Trevance® is no longer for sale for new installations.

  2. Are there any immediate changes?


  3. Why is Auric Systems sunsetting the Trevance® and CN!Express® payment applications?

    The PCI PA DSS rules make it difficult for payment applications to be flexible and responsive to change. Making even minor changes that might impact the credit card account number handling path requires a full PCI PA-DSS re-assessment. This inflexibility not only raises issues for Auric, but it also causes problems for our clients who rely on Trevance® and CN!Express® to meet all their payment processer integration needs.

  4. Can I continue to get support?

    Yes, support is available until June 2019.

  5. What does my annual renewal fee cover?

    Your annual fee covers ongoing support.

  6. Are Trevance® and CN!Express® PCI PA DSS Compliant?

    Trevance® 3.0.9 and CN!Express® 5.0.8 are validated to version 2.0 of the PCI PA-DSS and remain suitable for existing deployments. See PCI Validated Payment Applications.

  7. Does Auric Systems International have a Trevance® and CN!Express® replacement?

    The AuricVault® web service functionality is comparable to Auric’s CN!Express® real-time functionality. Some clients may find it suitable to move to the AuricVault® service. A replacement for the Trevance® will be discussed with existing clients in 2018.

  8. Could I transition from Trevance® and CN!Express® to the AuricVault® service today?

    Yes, you can transition now. Contact support to discuss.

  9. Where can I find more information on the AuricVault® tokenization and payments service?

    More information is available on the Auric website.

Required Third-Party Tools


A third-party tool for managing TLSv1.2 communications.

All real-time communications to and from the Trevance® and CN!Express® payment applications must be secured with the TLSv1.2 protocol.

Auric recommends using the stunnel proxy as a TLSv1.2 wrapper around the payment applications.

Stunnel is a proxy designed to add TLS encryption functionality to existing clients and servers without any changes in the programs’ code. Its architecture is optimized for security, portability, and scalability (including load-balancing), making it suitable for large deployments.
— Stunnel website

Stunnel is available for many operating systems including Windows®, Linux®, and Mac OS X®. Since the Trevance® and CN!Express® applications run primarily on Windows the installation guide focuses on that operating system.

  • Stunnel home page

  • Stunnel CN!Express® Guide (pdf)

  • Stunnel Trevance® Guide (pdf)

  • Stunnel configuration file for CN!Express® and Trevance®.
    (Right click link to download text file.)

  • CreateNewStunnelCert batch file for creating an stunnel 10 year.
    (Right click link to download text file.)
    MD5: 88da68386493647b7928900706819857


A third-party Windows Service Manager

NSSM is a pre-requisite for installing any of the payment applications as a Windows service.

  • NSSM Download (.exe)

AKMP™ Key Manager

Encryption Key Management Simplified

The Auric Key Management Proxy (AKMP™) application manages connections to Auric’s n-key™ cryptographic key management service. The AKMP™ application securely provides encryption keys from n-key to other services running on the same host. Through contact with n-key’s geographically distributed servers, the AKMP™ service ensures that your encryption keys are secure and available. The CN!Express® and Trevance® payment applications use n-key via AKMP™ for encryption key management at no additional cost to Auric’s payment application customers.

The n-key™ service securely generates cryptographic keys utilizing private/public key technology. Key rotation is managed automatically. The Auric Key Management Proxy (AKMP™) enables secure access to keys stored and managed in a remote location.

AKMP™ is the functional interface for the account holder and the n-key service with Auric’s payment applications. The n-key™ service is hosted in a distributed model, with multiple ISPs at multiple geographic locations maximizing security and availability. The n-key™ service is platform and operating system independent. Contacts to obtain an n-key™ account.

Trevance® Payment Processing Application

High-volume payments.

CN!Express® Payment Application

Real-time multiple-processor support.
  • CN!Express® Installer (.exe)
    MD5: e8d4607bd26a487560669022044b8f8c)

  • Updated CN!Express® Configuration Utility.
    Required for users processing through PayPal Payflow Pro (.exe).
    MD5: 40eec58501719de09bb9cffa3f97fea9

  • CN!Express® CNX-Proxy (.exe).
    Required for users processing through PayPal Payflow Pro
    MD5: ae4a0dad269d6c100c2cdf652b332a3e

  • CN!Express® User Manual (.pdf)

  • CN!Express® Attestation of Validation (AOV) (.pdf)

  • CN!Express® Change Log

  • Contact support for Linux installer.

PaymentVault™ Token Storage Service

Migrating to the AuricVault® Service

Interface to the Remote PaymentVault™ storage service.

Remote PaymentVault™ Web Service

Legacy tokenization web service.
  • Remote PaymentVault™ API (.pdf)

  • Remote PaymentVault™ Sample Code (.zipApplication)